Our Mission

Support the needs of children with Down syndrome

for a healthy and successful life.

Our Vision

Support children with Down syndrome in Ethiopia by educating and creating awareness in the community through our center.

Our Objectives

To create and establish the LKUT Inc. center for children with Down syndrome in Ethiopia. LKUT Inc. will provide basic necessities, physical and psychological support so the children will have the opportunity to live

productive and stable lives.

Our Philosophy

We at LKUT Inc. believe that children who have special needs should have the support necessary to lead healthy, safe and meaningful lives. We also believe that they should receive the love, compassion, dignity, value and respect that everyone deserves. We want the children and their families to know that they are not alone. We believe that we are all created for the purpose of helping one another, so that no one is left behind.

We can do this by helping one child at a time.

Our Founder

Lily Hailmariam is originally from Ethiopia and has been living in Denver Colorado since 1999. She is a professional skin care therapist, wedding designer, as well as a professional event and wedding planner. She established her own company, Lily Decor LLC in 2008. Her purpose in establishing this business was to support her own family and also for developing a revenue source to create the opportunity to reach those who are in need of help in Ethiopia. Helping children who have special needs has always been Lily’s dream.

In 2017, her dream started to come true. She established Love Keeping Us Together (LKUT, Inc.) in Denver Colorado. LKUT Inc. is a non-profit organization that focuses primarily on needy children with Down syndrome from No-income families. The organization will provide basic needs such as: shelter, food, and medical care with the use of qualified workers to create a safe and a healthy environment.

Our Board Of Directors

President and Founder of LKUT Inc. Denver Colorado
Vice-president - Denver Colorado
Secretary - Denver Colorado
Treasurer - Denver Colorado
Board Member - Denver Colorado